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Very Highly Accurate Strategy For Options Buyers Or Options Sellers also

We called this Strategy Trishul

Because of Every support or Ressistance Have 3 Lines and Every Lines have use
Here 2 Indicators have also 3 lines

If you are Intrested to buy this strategy AFL Code Then You have to pay 
Rs 20000

This strategy is Good for Index.

Guys always remember there is no Gaurantee for profit or loss, we are not responcible for any type of profits or losses.

Trading in futures or Options are Subject to market resk.

So before taking any trade atleast do backtesting about a month. If you sure on every point of view then you can trade otherwise dont take any trades. Always use strict stoploss and risk management or take advise from a SEBI registered advisor.

Combined Options Premium Chart

Combined Options Premium Chart analysis can give a big edge on your trading of Options.
It is good for Buyers and Sellers Both. You can get proper movement of price. I can easily get options  true or strong movement when its happens using my own analysis.

Some Disclaimer for our Clients please Read this Properly --  
We are not selling any type of buy sell signal or buy sell advise as per respected SEBI Guidelines. So do not expect any type of buy sell signal from us.
We can Give
you Only Combined Premium Two AFL One For CALL and One For PUT.
You have to do your own analysis for buy sell signal.
Any other modifications will be chargable extra.
This is Just My own analysis tool.
This will not give any buy sell signal you have to do Your Own analysis for any type of trading..
We are not responsible for your profit or loss.

For buy 8 AFL Code Combo for CALL and PUT Chart, its indicator chart, One More Very effective Options Chart with its indicator also you have to pay

RS 30000.

System Requirements--

Amibroker 6 or above

A good Internet connection

Full Information Watch All Videos Properly

                                                                        Video No 1

                                           Video No. 2

                                             Video No. 3

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