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Trishul Trading Strategy


The Third EYE

In Trishul Strategy we had automatic highly accurate support and resistance zone each zone had own three line each line had own different use
Zone Has 3 Lines with 3 Uses

3 Analysis 1 zone,2 indicator

3 analysis of Options Like 


Normal Trishul Strategy afl code with Fibonnaci rs 20,000.

Trishul Strategy Pro version afl code with Fibonnaci, OpenIntrest and PCR rs 25,000.

Always Keep Your Strict Stoploss and do traillling when price move. Investment or trading in Stock Market Subject to Market Risk, Please beofore making any trades please do proper backtesting and do paper trading about a month. If you 100% sure you have a good logic for trading then start trading otherwise change your trading strategy or take advise from a SEBI Registered advisor.Im not advising anyone to buy or sell. These are just my own analysis which im using for my day trading. Alwas try to start your trading with 1 lot. Im not responsible for any type of profit or losses.There Is No Gaurantee for Profits or Loss.

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