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Option Trading Algo

All In One AFL For Options Trading


  1. You will Get A OPTIONS CHAIN


  3. 21 Call and 21 Put Data You can watch on one screen

  4. You will get cumulative volume data since first candle of day

  5. You will get Open-interest data of all 21 call put wich was selected at first candle

  6. You will get Change Open-interest data of all 21 call put wich was selected at first candle

  7. You can see any Options Chart by click on number of option on chart

  8. You can switch index Spot to Index Options chart from Parameter

  9. You will get highest call and highest put marking behalf of (Volume or OI) wich is near to that price.

  10. You will get Second highest call and second highest put marking behalf of (Volume or OI) wich is near to that price.

  11. You will get Support resistance levels Behalf of (OI or Volume)

  12. You will get Direction for trade Up Down or Sideways

  13. You Can algo trade with Just one click at Buy Button

  14. You can also exit by Just clicking on Sell Button

  15. One and Only one afl which is providing Basket Order In Just One Click.

  • First open Both CALL and PUT AFL in two different windows.

  • Then goto Windows tab and select "tile vertically".

  • Then GO to parametre right click on chart.

  • Then Goto Strike interval and select accodingly iif Nifty then enter 50, iif BankNifty then enter 100,  iif you want to use FinNifty  set it acoodingly.

  • Then Goto Index and Type index name what you want to use.

  • Then Go to "its monthly expiry" if yes the select yes if no then select No

  • Then go to expiry date and select that date of expiry.

  • Then Goto Data feeder and select you data feeder.

  • then goto chart type and select which you want to use.

  • Then Goto Button LEFT RIGHT OR UPDOWN and adjust accordigly

  • Then Goto"Target, SL, EXIT AT  and other parametre and set as per your Requirements.

  • If you want to exit at Target then you have to set at YES.

  • Then select your Exchange where you want to trade.

  • Select your quantity and remember these quantity are in LOTS you are selecting here Lots

  • Now Come to chart if you want to see the chart of Spot then you have select it form paramtre and if you want to see the chart of options and want to use some special strike then you have to click at front of strike number.

  • Here You will see Strkies and prices and Volume and Open-Intrest and Change in Open-intrest

  • Here you can see some sepecial colors in some volume and open intrest ROW 

  • Red-Purple color is for Highest and Bright-Green for second highest.

  • For proper understanding Please Watch that video till end properly 


Dear traders this AFL is semi-automatic this is not a strategy.

You have to learn to use this afl properly for some days. You have to use it on trading account with zero balance or very low price of options like 0.5 to 1 rupees for testing perpose.

After placing that order from Button Trade you have to counter check in Trading Terminal in Open oerder and open positions window if any technical glithches comes the you have to do manually on your brokers trading terminal we are sorry for that it it happens.

If any types are technical error or problems comes during order placement so or its owner is not responsible because everything depends on your trading style and trading envirment and your setting and your psycology and your parameter.

We are not responsible for any type of profit and loss because we are not giving you buy sell signal or we are not giving any type strategy its totally manual and semi outomatic it can place aorder after click on Buttons provided on chart.

We are Not SEBI Register so we cant provide trading strategy.

This afl will propvide you possible data of open intrets and volume and chart of all availble strikes in that defined chart 

We had mentioned SL% , Target% and Trailling stoploss also.

We are suggesting you please trade on very Limited quantity which los you can afford

This afl can place buy order of Call or Put Depends on afl at Quantity in LOTS upto Banknifty 480Lots(12000 Qty),Nifty 360Lots(18000 Qty),FinNifty 450Lots(18000 Qty).Please remember in parameter you have to fill quantity in lots.BE careful when you are selecting quantity.

This AFL is only for fast execution, small help for placeing order quickly as per your instruction not for Laginess 

If anything changed in that afl  code by you then results can be affected so im requesting you please do not change any single words in this afl code.

After Pressing the Button for trade please cross varify that order on your brokers trading terminal and confirm it placed sucessfully or not. If order is not executed then you have to do it manually.

This afl can place order in Zerodha, Upstox,Alicblu,AngelOne,FInvisia,Kotak Security, Profitmart,Zebu buy using a API Bridge so you have to pay Rs 499/month to that API Bridge Provider

This afl Supports data of, Truedata,GDFL,VBIZ,ACCELPIX,AMIFEED only.

Trading in Options are subject to Very High RISK there are 70% chance to loss so before doing any trades think twis and proper backtest your strategies or if possible do paper trades for some month. You are taken a position and its going in loss so get ready for exits from that trade check every trade confirmation on your Broker Terminal otherwise you can loos you full trading capital.

Learn first then start trading or take suggation of any SEBI Registered Advisor for perper analysis.

How to use this options trading Semi-Automatic Button Trading AFL


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