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Hey Traders im very happy to announce you that we are introducing a new service which called STRATEGY ENHANCEMENTS PROGRAM,

So what is strategy Enhanccements ? Why it is useful for a common trader? Is really useful for all ?

Friends you are noticing when you are entering into a trade you are achieving losses in manytimes and profits in a few time after failture of your strategy you will change one strategy to another, this called Strategy Hunting. Belive me guys you will never ever earn profits on Stock market. Because you are not understanding your strategy properly. Every strategy have two points where these strategy are giving you the best results and wrost results also. So the point is that how will your strategy become more profitable? In this topic im trying to cover all your questios doubts.


Now come to first Question What is Strategy enhahncements ?

Strategy enhancement programme is where we will enhance your strategy to become more profitable or less lossmaking. In this programme we are boosting and improving you buy sell strategy singal to do the  best results on trading. In this service we will try to increase your profits and less your loss. After this Strategy Enhancements Program you will get a strategy where you can achive the best results of your strategy and max profits which your strategy can give you.

We will backtest your strategy on each and every possible points we will try to make changes inside your strategy which can deliver you the max profit.

Why Strategy enhahncements is useful for a common trader?

Guys im sure you know that in the world more then 80% active trader are Losers and 20 % are Winners. Im sure you  are reading this article  because of  you feeling you are  in 80% of LOSERS.

For become a more profitable on your existing strategy decreasing loss this program is very useful for all traders. Because every problems not are in your strategy problems are in your understanding on that strategy.

What Benfits From Strategy enhahncements we can get?

We are not promising any type of results but we are sure 90% of traders are using ther strategy on wrong way.
We will try to get a best possible point where your strategy can achiver the best profits.

We will try to get a best possible point where  you have to place a stoploss and what stoploss is best for your strategy.

We will try to get a best possible point where  you have to place a targets and what target is best for your strategy.

Every possibilties on you existing strategy we will try to find and catch it then you can gain best results from your strategy .

What Is  the Charges of Strategy enhahncements service?

If you had not coded your stragy on amibroker afl so fist we have to code its on amibroker afl the charges of amibroker afl codings are 

Rs 8000/AFL CODING for equity and futures 

RS 16000/AFL CODING for options nifty and Banknifty

Strategy enhancements charges are 

Minimum rs 10000/STRATEGY

maximum depends on requirements.


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